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At gotoBilling, we mean business. When advanced transaction processing and massive cost savings are important to your operation, gotoBilling is the only answer. We make business to business transactions and purchase card complexity a thing of the past. Accountable, accurate and less expensive. Three hallmarks of Level II payment processing with gotoBilling.


Level III Card Processing

Level III card processing provides for line item detail of purchases and services. This type of transaction is highly specialized and requires the right application to insure that the transactions passed to the processor meet the qualification requirements to process at the lowest available interchange rate. Level III is the same as processing a credit card transaction but sending with it an itemized invoice. gotoBilling provides inventory and price functionality to make processing Level III quick and easy. In addition, in certain cases, gotoBilling can automate Level III so that processing a qualified Level III transaction is as easy as processing a retail card payment.


Many more business to business transactions are carried out by ACH than credit cards. That’s why it’s important to combine Level III with ACH to create a convenient and less expensive method of managing payments. Too often credit card processing are managed on separate systems. gotoBilling solves this issue by providing payment choices with every transaction. ACH debits and credits mean that you can accept payment from your customers while at the same time paying your vendors, contractors and employees via direct deposit. ACH reduces cost and internal handling processes and with out advanced verification is a safe to accept as a credit card.


Data security is on everyone’s mind. That’s why the safest policy is to never hold or store sensitive customer data on unsecured or minimally secured equipment. gotoBilling takes the worry out of passing card data by substituting a “token” value for the original card number. That way no card data is ever present on any device in a business location. This insures the safety of consumer and business payment data and insulates the business from data breach liability since none of the data resides on local equipment. Tokenization reduces the headaches of managing card data and insures that any business can be safe from the damaging effects of a data security breach.


With our eInvoicing system any business can send invoices and have them paid without ever having to mail the paper version. With gotoBilling invoices anyone can easily add items, taxes and freight and email the invoice directly to the client. The recipient can then view, print, schedule and pay the invoice right from the email. The gotoBilling eInvoice acts as an online statement showing the recipient current, past due and closed invoices. Once the payment is made, the invoice is automatically closed and the payment in processed. Users can easily see and track current and past due invoices, clone similar invoices and schedule recurring invoices. If enabled, payments made with the gotoBilling eInvoice system can qualify for Level III processing and receive lower processing rates than traditional methods.

Secure Customer Vault

To further enhance out B2 B Level III platform gotoBilling stores customer data on encrypted, secure, vaulted servers for maximum security. Sensitive customer data is stored offline and encrypted separately for maximum security. No access to customer stored data is directly connected to the internet. Maximum customer security with minimal effort.

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