Aged AR Management

Easily and automatically manage aged invoices for faster remittance.Keeping customers happy and loyal is essential to every business. At times even your best customer needs a reminder to pay a late invoice. gotoBilling helps with this process by sending automated reminder letters and automated reminder phone calls. Our customized process converts over seventy percent of late invoices into payments directly to your business within the first automated reminders.

Aged Invoice Letters

Gently reminding customers of their payment obligations results in faster payment times and shorter delinquency cycles. Brand consistent automated letters are sent to delinquent customers at three separate intervals. Once the customer pays, simply mark the customer paid in the gotoBilling AR management system and and all reminder activity stops immediately. All letters can be customized to reflect the tone and style of your business. Postage, handling and tracking are handles completely by gotoBilling leaving you time to do more of what you do best.

Automated Phone Calls

The gotoBilling AR management system is designed to automate phone reminders of payments and direct remittance to your office. If the letters do not result in payment remittance, phone calls are initiated to remind the customer of their obligation and to direct them to send payment to your office.

No Collection Fees

Since gotoBilling is not collecting for you as your designated collection agency, there are no collection fees charged to payment by your customer. The customer is directed how to pay you directly so you get 100% of the amount paid by the customer.

Sophisticated Reports

It’s easy to keep track of where a delinquent account is in the remittance process. Our full featured reports keep you informed and give you all the controls. Add, modify, suspend or delete an account from remittance reminders. Paid accounts, once reported, are immediately removed from the AR remittance system.

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