Multi Location Management

Manage payments for all your locations from your main office. It’s never been easier to manage payment activity from satellite offices or internal departments. Chains, franchises, medical offices and hospitals all use gotoBilling to insure that everyone is on the same page. AR/AP adjustments, credit payment approvals and consolidated reports are a small part of the gotoBilling multi-location administrator module. It’s just like being there in real time.

Consolidated Reporting

The gotoBilling multi-location administrator module provides reporting on several levels. Detailed reports of individual locations or departments can be viewed, downloaded or printed. These reports are organized by day, payment type and the exact time of the transaction. Consolidated reports provide a global view of the enterprise and all payment activity for a given time period.

Virtual Presence

As the administrator, you can be on-site virtually anytime. The gotoBilling multi-location administrator module provides real time access to each satellite office or department. Once accessed, payment activity can be managed remotely for batch access, payment approvals and employee management.


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