Online Bill Payment

Get paid faster by providing online payment convenience to your customers.Your business will see faster payment times and increased payment compliance from your customers. Whether you are a business, charity or religious organization, gotoBilling online bill payment is the best way to provide payment convenience to your customer or donor.


Easy set up

Providing online bill payment doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it’s super easy. Create a “Pay Now” button on your website. We provide the URL link. You’re done.

Account Flexibility

Your customers have the option to set more than one payment type. Adding multiple credit card and/or eCheck accounts to their profile is an easy and convenient way for your customer to choose their best payment method.

Detailed Reporting

Online bill payments are tracked and added to your daily reports just like anything else in gotoBilling. It doesn’t matter how a bill is paid the transaction record will appear in the daily reports.

Ultra Secure

Your customers enter their payment information on a secure page with your corporate identity and hosted on our ultra-secure PCI compliant cloud servers. gotoBilling eliminates the hassle and management of secure data compliance.

Future Payment Scheduling

With gotoBilling you can set the maximum future payment date that your customer can pay a bill. Whether your terms are Net 10, 15, 30 or something else, we have you covered.

Recurring Payment Option

Your customer not only has the ability to pay a bill today but for ultimate convenience they can set future payments to recur. Your customer can select payment categories that you create making tracking and payment reporting a breeze.

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