Secure Payment Page

Security doesn’t have to be complicated or costly.  The gotoBilling secure payment page is the best way to insure that customer data is transmitted safely every time.  Whether from a shopping cart or SaaS application, the gotoBilling Secure Payment Page insures that payment data is handled using the latest security techniques.  Easy to set up and securely hosted.

Easy set up

Providing a secure payment page doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it’s super easy.Simply use our API to push your data to our secure page. Then you customer enters their credit card data on our secure page. Simple to use & easy to implement.

Brand Identity

Your brand is important to you and your customers want to stay on your site to complete their order. The payment page is designed to appear to be your site while being hosted securely on our servers. Your customers remain confident and protected at all times.

Detailed Reporting

Transactions processed using the secure payment page are tracked and added to your daily reports just like everything else in gotoBilling. Your sales and customer payment information is tracked including declines with decline reasons.

Recurring Payments

The secure payment page handles single and recurring transactions. If your customer agrees to recurring terms for your product or service, the transaction is recorded and automated for easy future processing.

eCheck Payments

Bill payers often use their checking accounts to pay a bill online. That’s why a secure payment page wouldn’t be complete without eCheck and ACH Direct Debit functionality. Payees can securely schedule single or recurring payments using their designated checking accounts.

Fixed or Floating Amount

The secure payment page accommodates either a fixed payment amount captured from your website or the page can be set to allow users to enter their amount. This is especially useful in bill payment applications where the payment amount can vary.

How secure is it?

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